My First Company Trip

I just came back from my 3 day 2 night company retreat to Bangkok. It was also my first company trip overseas. I still remembered I was extremely excited when they called me over the phone if I’m ok to join them on this trip even before I have joined the company. I immediately agreed the next day after informing my husband.

However, I became extremely worried when the day is getting near. Because the retreat was during the Vesak day long holiday, I began to wish that I did not agree to this overseas trip and I can enjoy my long weekend at home. Is this call “出差恐惧症”? This was also my mere second time to Bangkok after more than 10 years. Worst still, the last time I went with my family and we had a personal guide so I didn’t really get to explore Bangkok. So this should be considered as my first time there so I’m really feeling scare.

During my 3 days 2 nights there, I’m glad that I have gone for this trip if not I would have missed out a lot. I met a great shopping partner! Haha. Think I go about telling people about her/ this group. They look out for each other, help to check each other’s purchases and brought me to many nice shopping places such as Platinum shopping mall, MBK, Big C..etc. I also got introduced to the must buy “Naraya Bags”. I was shocked when I see the crowd in the Naraya shop but it was really cheap! On average about SGD 10 for one bag!


Here I go! On board Singapore Airline!


Where I stayed for 2 nights! Radddison Suite, it was a nice, comfortable and cosy hotel! However, it was not of walking distance to any shopping malls nor MRT. But the hotel does provide free Tuk Tuk service to it’s nearest mrt station.


First meal when I reached there. This is however just part of the meal! It is a bee hoon desert, not the usual fried or soup bee hoon we had in Singapore.


Where we had our dinner after a long day at “Cabbage and Condom”.




It is a nice place with cozy ambience, something different! After the dinner, we proceed to Big C where we start shopping for maggie mee, snacks and Naraya bags!



Breakfast served by the hotel the next morning! I had a sound sleep despite my first night there!

After meeting, we proceed to Platinum mall for our shopping spree!

We shopped for the whole afternoon and went back to hotel after our late dinner.

Went to MBK on our last day there where I bought my handphone casing and got introduce to MK where we had our late lunch!





Dinner back on SQ!


My shopping loots!


The green curry, greatly recommended by my colleague! The red curry and tom yum set I got from the airport, looks great!


Audrey Christian Push Upcream

I have always been diligent in my routine skin care on my face trying to do at least the basic but I have really neglected my neck over the years. Lately, I realised that lines on my neck seems to have deepen. This becomes more visible when I need to wear clothes showing a big part of my neck and decollete area. It has bothered me much and I hoped something can be done. I was extremely delighted and excited when I received the invites from cozycot to review this product. I’m excited because it promise visible result within 1-2 weeks of regular use!



It is a cream not only for the neck. In fact, it can be used to firm sagging skins on all parts of your body like your neck, chest and tummy! It helps to enhance our skin’s ability to regenerate and product new tissues and cells. This fights off scars and wrinkles, and firms the sagging skin on all parts of your body. Due to its natural ingredients, it is safe for pregnant woman and breast feeding mothers. Simply wipe cream off from your nipples before breast feeding.


The cream smells nice and feels light! It is easy to apply and easily absorbed!


Breast & Neck – Apply cream once/twice a day with up and inwards movements.

Tummy & Stretch Marks – Apply cream twice a day to firm up the tummy skin and to reduce stretchmarks.



The result is quite obvious, isn’t it. In just 2 weeks, you can see that the skin has becomes smoother and the lines have slowly faded. I enjoy using the product as the result is obvious and it does not leaves an oily sticky feeling after use which I dislike. Whether it is to remove the marks of time on your body, or to preserve its youthful appearance, this extraordinary cream is the product for you. You can get this at Sasa, guardian or online shopping through Audrey Christian’s website.

Thank you cozycot for introducing me to this product.

Audrey Christian is also organising a “Beautiful Neck and Decollete ” competition.

Simply submit pictures of your neck and decollete before and 6 weeks after using your favourite skin firming cream and stand a chance to win a 3-carat rubellite and diamond pendant necklace from international jeweller Mouawad worth $3000! The competition runs from 1 April to 30 June 2013. Participants must be at least 30 years old. Other terms and conditions apply. Visit their website to find out more information about the contest!

Rubellite necklace

(photo courtesy of Audrey Christian’s website)

My First Mini Watch

Finally a change to my boring black watch..haha

I got my first mini watch from Qoo10.

Initially, I did not placed too much hope on it because I’m really worried that the actual will differs greatly from the lovely picture I see on the web.

But I was wrong! It was such a lovely watch!


It comes in a nice packaging as well and is worth every cents I paid!


A great purchase brightens up my day!

My Daily Regime

The reason why I’m doing this post is I would like to thanks one of my friend for introducing me to Clinique products.

Clinique has never caught my attention untill she gives me a tub of the “moisture surge” to try and later on the “repairwear life night”.

I started using “moisture surge”, it feels extremely light on skin and does not cause any redness or itchiness on my sensitive skin. I enjoy the feeling of using it and now I’m on my second bottle.

I have never been loyal to any skincare products because usually I would change to another brand once I have finished the current one.

Another product to mentioned is Bio Essence Spring Water, I’m also on my second bottle. It helps to calm down my skin after shower before I apply my Hada Labo lotion. The below is just a simple mix and match of what suits do take advice from your beautician or consultant on what suits you before buying the products. 🙂ImageJust as any other women, I love buying mask especially when I go to places like Taiwan, Hong Kong or Korea. See the different type of masks I have from eyemask,face mask to footmask. They all looks so cute and unresistable but I’m simply too lazy in applying them. That explained why they are still kept in my wardrobe after quite sometimes.

And I have got a full bag of samples unused. Anybody cares to help me get rid of it???Image

Till the next post.. 🙂

Taiwan Day 5 – Taipei

Last day in Taipei and we are going back home!

Homely nice breakfast at TS hotel to start our day!

DSCF4816 DSCF4817

We went for a movie early in the morning at Breeze Centre.


And then we went to the highly recommended restaurant for lunch – Ding Tai Fung!

We waited for about an hour before it’s our turn and we were famished by then.

DSCF4829DSCF4836 DSCF4837 DSCF4839 DSCF4840

The xiaolongbao is cheap, the food tastes great but I think overall it’s just slightly cheaper then in Singapore.

I seriously couldn’t taste the difference in the meat of the xiaolongbao except that I think it is cheaper there.

Nonthless, I would still rate it as a must eat restaurant in Taiwan.

We then continue our walk at Taipei Main Station underground mall which you can find Lee Yi Pastry shop – the highly recommended for Sun Biscuit. It is also the shop which I only frequent for Sun Biscuit.

We reached the airport much early, at least 2hrs before our flight!

We had our dinner at the airport before boarding the plane at the only restaurant after we checked in.

DSCF4847 DSCF4846It was quite a great meal!

Christmas deco on Jetstar Asia.

DSCF4850Our hand made bottle deco at Lavender Cottage.

IMG_3317Loots from Taiwan!